Mold Inspections

Buildings and homes covered in mold present an insidious health hazard that could seriously compromise the immune systems of those exposed to them. In order to be made safe, these buildings require the services of a mold removal contractor who specializes in mold remediation. Mold remediation is the planning and clean up process for small or large areas of mold most often found in schools, government buildings and commercial buildings, as well as apartment buildings and homes.

Mold removal, like other mold cleanup, is a specialized service that should be completed by a professional contractor. Since some of the buildings in need of mold remediation are public buildings, it is crucial to seek the help of a professional contractor. Contractors preserve the integrity of the site and ensure the complete, safe removal of spores and contaminated materials. Your home is equally as important and will receive the same type of remediation as a larger building would, only on a smaller scale. The health of you and your family is our primary concern.

Highly effective and safe mold cleaning and control products are used with our remediation as harsh biocides and other chemicals present problems all on there own. For more information regarding mold testing and mold inspections, contact Middle Tennessee Mold Remediation in Franklin, TN today!